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Responsible fishing

We are recognized by GreenFishers who are supported by the European Fisheries Fund for some of the environmental initiatives that we have adopted on the Compass Rose.

Minimise discards - We fish in a more traditional way moving from one fishery to another. We crab and net during the summer with a small amount of bottom trawling which is light-weight, using rope warps and no winch and just 80hp of engine power. In the autumn we spend more time trawling, as the bottom fish have largely finished spawning. Then in November we net for cod and ray. We are not just after one species and fish within our quotas and land directly into the village. Selling from our own retail outlet allows us to not have discards from over quota fishing.

Minimise effect on marine habitat structure - We have low impact static gear using nets, pots and longlines. When we do trawl we fish on sand and gravel with lightweight gear.

Collection and landing of rubbish found at sea - We have applied for membership to the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme and in line with their ethos we bring in manmade rubbish we find at sea for disposal ashore.