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We only open the Fish Store when we have been at sea. Please sign up for our Text Alert service to know when the next opening time is!

What we sell

All our fish is gutted as soon as it comes out of the water onboard the Compass Rose (that is unless it is preferential to leave the guts in, as it is with sea bass and mackerel). We display fish with head and tail on, and you can take it like that or Jason, Toby and Di will be on hand to prepare it into fillets for you.

Dependent on the time of year, we expect to catch plaice, sea bass, dover sole, skate, pollock, cod, turbot, flounder, sand dab, gurnard, and mackerel. Check out our recipes blog for inspiration on what to cook!

As we are bottom fishing, we also get scallops in the trawl.

Lobsters are sold alive. Crabs are cooked, picked and we sell the fresh, mixed crabmeat in 0.25kg increment pots.

We also have fresh-frozen crabmeat and fish filets. These are vacuum-packed and frozen shortly after being landed, ensuring they remain totally fresh.